28 August 2012

My Kahna

Master says: To reach Krishna one has to use stairs made of tears.

A Laghu katha:

I’m a girl, who has been crying for kahna, for his darshan, for his glance. He comes in my dream, he plays in my thoughts, and he resides in my heart.

With God’s grace, I go to Nathdwara, where my kahna, my Krishna lives. I’m on top of the world. I know my prayers have been heard and granted.

Finally, I reach his abode. There he is, in all his fineries. Decked up, magnificently.

I make my way in, quietly, and manage to go right in front.

I look at him, his beautiful face and get lost in his deep eyes. He smiles at me. His eyes speak to me.

The moment seems like eternity.

Suddenly I become aware of my surroundings. The crowd is pushing and pulling to get closer to my kahna.

My kahna?

Is he mine, only mine?


Reality strikes.

Kahna is looking at everyone, smiling at all around him. His beautiful face is welcoming the whole Universe. He has no preferences, no differences. 

His arms are open to gather all in grace.

No, he does not belong to me alone. I can’t put that claim on him.

Nevertheless, I can proclaim my truth.

I belong to Him and Him alone. 

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