18 August 2012

It's their love, their life, their religion

Have you ever come across Soccer fans, the die hard ones?
I happened to stay in one of the lodges frequented by such fans during the World Cup, in S. Africa.

Soccer is their religion, their love, their life, their passion. 

They live the love of their life. They follow it insistently. Then and there. Most can't afford hotels and prefer hostels and lodges. Nevertheless, they follow all the matches live and do not postponed doing so for some later time or day in life. Everything else becomes secondary- like accommodation, luxury, conveyance, comfort and any thing else that requires money- which of course is in short supply.

But they have bags full of:
> force of their love
> backing of strong conviction
> power of their soul to follow its chosen path

Staying in this Lodge- Rosebank Bag packers,  i had few revelations. I share them below-

When your heart wants to follow something, let money not be the deterrent.

Have a goal in life- a desire, a passion, a religion and stick to it.

Tulsi chose Ram, Meera chose Krishna, Paramahansa chose kali. 
For Gandhi it was freedom, for Morari Bapu it is Ram katha, for Micheal Jordan it is basketball. The list goes on and on. Look around , there are plenty who took up one dream, one desire, one path.
They stuck to their chosen path no matter what. Through thick and thin; joy and sorrows; trials and tribulation.

 Master says: Nothing can be an obstacle for the real seeker. Nothing and Nobody. All the barriers are within oneself- the wavering mind, logic asking intellect and our inner tendencies which keep changing.   

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