31 July 2012


Master says:  Acceptance is very important. Accepting, ‘what is ', willing and happily!

A story-

There was a rat couple. They had a beautiful daughter. When she came of age, they wanted to find her a suitable match. 
The rat managed to find a young rat for his daughter.

However the mother rat was distraught, “what, my beautiful daughter will not marry a rat. We must find her someone who is worthy of her beauty.”

One day, they looked up, saw the sun and exclaimed- that is it! The sun is the perfect match for her. They immediately went with their proposal. Sun replied, “Thanks for all the praise but I must let you know that a cloud comes and overshadows me. In front of the clouds I’m helpless.”

my travels

Traveling has always been therapeutic for me
        I see the world, the people and myself 
                      - one among many... 

Stories arise, the most original always unique
  The wait for the destination, the goal, the purpose
           Euphoria of reaching, arriving , attaining
                            for days, months, years, lifetimes...

Until a new dream, a want , a thirst
                                 takes root in the being
          And the self starts preparing 
                             - a new path, a journey, a calling..

                                                                        : neena

28 July 2012

Katha at Jo'burg

Ram katha reaches Johannesburg, South Africa.

The venue-Constitutional Hill. Originally this was a prison. M.K.Gandhi spent months in this very place behind bars,at cell no: 4
The katha was named Manas- Panchvati.

Master lovingly called it 'Gandhi Hill' and paid a homage to Mahatma Gandhi and all other men like him who dedicated their lives to create a society which was free of discrimination; where none is considered small and out caste; where all have a right to freedom.

This is the place where Nelson Mandela and others were also held for raising their voices against the injustices done on humanity.

The jail premises at Constitutional Hill

Inside view 
Cell no:4 as been preserved and converted into a museum. 
The jail has been demolished and Constitutional court built on its site.

Mahatma Gandhi's cell  no: 4 
    More pics and some more on what freedom means to me......