31 January 2012

Prem Yuga

Some of His quotes from Guru Grha, the ones i loved:

- The 21st century needs a fifth yug; Prem Yuga...love and only love everywhere.

Prem Yuga

- Worship is good...but Love is required.

- Bhakti is River....

  Your Guru is the Ocean..                   
  The question is of Faith....

- COMPASSION is GOD            


Gurgaon Katha

katha, Gurgaon:    Manas-Gura Grha

Gurgaon, in Haryana, is supposedly the birth place of Guru Dronacharya.

Mata Sheetla Devi Temple at Gurgaon

It was a katha about the importance of Guru's Abode;  going to his house. The chaupai's taken tell about how at the time of need, the all powerful Maharaja Dashratha went to his Guru's house as also Lord Ram, the knower of Vedas went to his Guru for education.


Master, emphasizing the importance of going to Guru's house and said nine treasures can be found from there-
:dismissal of sorrow; attainment of knowledge; increment of wisdom; growth of faith; materialistic gains; peace and rest; renunciation; increase in curiosity; nihility of thoughts. 

Shastra, our scriptures work as indicators, taking their guidance we have to open our own eyes of wisdom.

So where is this Guru's house, how far? 
Master says "Our heart is the Abode of our Guru" 

Three most important things of Gura Grha:
- Vachan  : Guru's words
- Charan  : Guru's feet
- Nayan   : Guru's eyes