04 February 2012

habit of Giving

Giving_hands : yellow tropical flowers on hands Stock Photo
Give...a smile...a flower

Master says: Give, just anything !

the rich often moan "oh...only if we had time, we would do so much to make this world a better place"

the not so affluent cry " if only we had the money, we would make this planet a lot happier to  live..."

We all are in the habit of making excuses all the time. Master says, if the rich part with some of their money and the not so affluent give little bit of their time, many problems could be solved.

And still, if you feel you have neither, don't worry;  just give.... a Smile!

Do we ever realise, a smile to that small child by the roadside can make his day or even a small " how are you " to the guy who cleans our car, can make a big difference to him. o.k how about starting right at home? help your mother in the kitchen, help your younger brother with his homework. Try it..it works wonders, not only to the other person but also ourselves. And it does make our world a better place to live in.



01 February 2012

Ram Tattva

Master's Illustration:

Our happiness is subject on outer circumstances:  Person  Place  and  Time

Diya, a oil lamp is dependent on :  a person to light it;   a place where it is not blown out;   a time when it is visible.

Similarly Mani, the gem on snakes hood is dependent on external things,  it has the danger of being stolen.

 So, too, Sun, the symbol of light is also at times hidden by dark clouds    

RAM is the only tattva which is not reliant on anything;  person place period can't effect it.
It shines ever brightly, nothing can diminish its Light

But for Master, RAM is not limited by any narrow walls.
Ram for him is Satya, Prem, Karuna ; Truth, Love, Compassion.