26 September 2013

Marag - the Path

The path one chooses ...                                                                                                                                                         

You might have wondered where i got lost. Well, every journey has twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows...its same with my journey too! 
My learning's all this time have been amazing never-the-less. 

First, if you ever have doubts or any question marks on your journey, its best to get them answered and cleared before going ahead. Like they say, "don't push the arguments and questions under the carpet, face them and deal with them".
I dealt with mine and have come back with stronger conviction and faith.

Second, for long i have been contemplating about writing my blog in my own mother tongue, Hindi. But English reaches a wider audience. So, have decided of having a good mixture of both.

Third, one needs to be very careful of Ahankara / ego, as mentioned in my last blog entry. 
RamCharit Manas says:

" अहंकार अति दुखद डमरूआ … 
                                 ( उत्तरकाण्ड II 120 II )        

 [ Egotism is the most painful disease, a type of gout.]
Frankly, if we stay under the shelter of our SadGuru, there is no need to worry. He will shun and eliminate the smallest of ego sprouting out.    

Mean time, the katha at Mumbai was about marg, which simply means Path.
Our scriptures have talked about various paths - Gyan marg, karma marg, Pushti marg etc, etc. after listening and reading about all of them, the easiest seems the Bhakti marg , devotion or simply put the path of love.

" राम ही केवल प्रेम प्यारा ...
Rama sees only the love, the devotion.

 In the last saupan , it is clearly said,

 पुरुष नपुंसक नारी वा जीव चराचर कोई I
 सर्व भाव भज कपट तजि मोही परम प्रिय सोइ II
                                             ( उत्तरकाण्ड - 87 )        
[ Be it man, woman, or one lacking the characteristics of both, or any living being of the animate or inanimate world- the whole world is my creation. But the one who adores me, without being shrewd and crafty, is most dear to me.]

As for me, my own preferred marg is SadGuru Himself.

Just like Master said - " गुरु ही मार्ग हो "
                                    " let Guru be your path"