About this blog

This blog is inspired by Ram Kathas of  Shri Morari Bapu, which are based on RamCharit Manas of  Goswami Tulsidaji. He calls his Kathas, Prem Yagya, this is sort of  my offering in the yagya.
I refer to Him as 'Master' here. If you are wondering about that word, it means teacher, one who shows the Path. Bapu often says " i don't give दीक्षा (initiation),  i give दिशा (direction) ."  

Ram katha is like an Ocean, vast and deep! I dive in, pick up the jewels i like, which fit in my small pocket and share few of them here. But its nothing, compared to going for a swim yourself (who have heard His kathas know, who haven't should try once to see what i mean!)

Like many, i too was engrossed totally in the mundane, till i encountered the truth...since then life took a turn.  

I write few of Master's quotes, my favorite ones. Pictures would be updated from the places i visit during the kathas. Plus few articles, which have been inspired by His words.

Any errors or mistakes in the writings or the interpretations are wholly mine.
And yes, this is NOT his official site nor a promotional attempt. This is simply about my journey and my learning's on the way.

Jai Siya Ram!

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