14 May 2012

Ram Katha: Jerusalem

Yes, it actually happened ! i don't think it has ever happened before, that is: Ram Katha at Jerusalem.

Master's message: Satya,Prem, Karuna!...why all this fighting when all the religions teach  LOVE.

One of the highlight; the Mayor of the old city came and spoke in her short address, welcoming all in that holy land.

katha venue; Zedekiah's Cave 
...people from all around the world  

nine day Ram katha at Jerusalem 
Hanumanji  presiding over the Vyaspeeth
 entering the cave is like entering a different era
see more pics:

Old city Jerusalem, is divided into four quarters: Christian, Muslim, Jew and Armenian. This is one place where people of three religions live within the same city walls.
This city can set a example to the world that its possible to live and co-exist happily. The wars in the name of religion and forceful conversions can be avoided if,'we the people' want it so.

Church of Holy Sepulcher
thousands throng the Holy Church

the place from where the three Mary's watched Jesus
towards Jaffa Gate
view from Jaffa Gate, Old city wall
Imperial hotel
Christian quarters in the Old city
A typical souk 
Holy manger
Place where Jesus took birth

 Bethlehem church 

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