31 July 2012


Master says:  Acceptance is very important. Accepting, ‘what is ', willing and happily!

A story-

There was a rat couple. They had a beautiful daughter. When she came of age, they wanted to find her a suitable match. 
The rat managed to find a young rat for his daughter.

However the mother rat was distraught, “what, my beautiful daughter will not marry a rat. We must find her someone who is worthy of her beauty.”

One day, they looked up, saw the sun and exclaimed- that is it! The sun is the perfect match for her. They immediately went with their proposal. Sun replied, “Thanks for all the praise but I must let you know that a cloud comes and overshadows me. In front of the clouds I’m helpless.”

Rat couple went to the cloud.“I am extremely grateful but you ought to know that when the winds come, I’m lost. It carries me where it desires”.

When the wind was approached,it spoke,“I’m powerful but my path is often broken by these high mountains.They are mightier than me.”

The rats knew,the mountain was the right mate. The daughter's hand was offered to the great mountain.He replied,“ I’m huge and strong but nothing in front of these rats. They dig holes all over me for their dwelling. I’m unable to do anything against them.”

The couple was speechless. After all, it was none but a rat that was perfect for their daughter. 
What is, is the best for us at the time. Be happy and content with that. 

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