04 August 2012

hey..watch those words

Earlier this year I saw this advertisement on the T.V, featuring one of our leading cricketers. It was for an insurance company. Here he was talking about his uncertain future as a sportsman. The whole ad. was him worrying about how he was not sure, until when his bat would work for him. 
Just a couple of months later, I read in the national daily, this same batsman, undergoing treatment for cancer in the U.S.A. For a minute, I went numb. While saying a little prayer for him and wishing a speedy recovery, what stuck me was the power of our spoken words.

The power of Speech:

There is a story about the man sitting under a kalpatru (wish fulfilling tree). He happened to say to himself “wish I could get a nice hot lunch” and lo, a thali filled with delicious and hot food appeared before him. He was flabbergasted but ate the food. Next, he said, “How nice it would be, if a car was here to drive me back home.” He had just uttered those words and a big car stood right in front.

As he was driving, he said in his mind “instead of my small house, if I had a big palatial bungalow with servants and all the luxuries”. As he thought he got. When he was lying on his bed at night, fear gripped him into thinking, “what if robbers come at night, break open and kill me.” Swoosh…as he expected, thieves did break open that night, looted the house and killed him before leaving.

Often our negative thinking is our worst enemy. Moreover, when we put it in words, we give it power to materialize, sooner or later.

Master says, “Goddess Saraswati comes and sits on the tip of our tongue, once during the day. At that time, the words, which we utter, come to pass. So watch those words and the thoughts behind them.Speaking without thinking is a defect of the speech.” 

Thoughts are creative:                             

My thoughts today will be my future tomorrow. My yester thoughts make my present. 
As you think so you become. 
Everything, before materializing takes shape in the subtle or thought world. 

That's one reason pregnant women are advised to have good positive thoughts. Not only them, the unborn baby is also affected by the mother's thinking!

We often say: Dream for dreams come true.
Its time to change it a bit - Dream positive for it will come true.

Way to positive thinking:

So the question arises, how to gain positive understanding and thinking? 
The way we think is under the faculty of understanding and discretion, in our own language we call it - विवेक 

Our thoughts follow our power of discretion. Hence in the root is this Vivek, and it goes something like -

         विवेक - विचार - वचन - वर्तन 

:its sort of spiral process, one leading into another. Right understanding- provides right thoughts- gives positive speech- visible in right actions. 
The method of gaining vivek; power of discretion / understanding is through Satsang. 
RamCharit Manas put lots of emphasis on this-
 बिनु सत्संग विवेक न होई I राम कृपा बिनु सुलभ न सोई II   

Hence, the importance of Satsang - the company of Truth 
Master advises: the way we take out time for family, friends and work, same way we must take out specific time for Satsang. 

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