06 September 2012


Master says: 
कर्म किये बिना चित्त शुद्धि नहीं होती  
Doing work is essential to purify our Chitta (Consciousness)

Master gives a beautiful illustration- while washing clothes, we use soap but the hard work put in, the effort, that’s karma . Without this, we can’t get rid of the dirt. This karma, work is an important and integral part of life.
This is one reason many Mahapurush keep working till the end, eg. Kabir was a weaver, he kept weaving till the very end. 

Its work not job:
So often, we confuse the two. Job is where one gets paid remuneration in exchange of the work put in. On the other hand ‘ work ’ is what we do in our respective lives. So for a child studying and going to school, is his work. A women looking after her house and family is doing her work.  A man doing his sadhana or studying the Shastra is doing his work. 

None of  the above may be getting money for the hard work they put in.
In today’s modern world, ironically the importance of work is seen in proportion to the money it brings in return. This is so unfortunate. 

When this question about work was put to Raman Maharishi, he replied, " my self-realization is my work; it’s my contribution towards society.”

Master says: हरी नाम का आश्रय  प्रमाद नहीं , समस्या के समाधान का  महा प्रयतन है 
                 Taking God's name is not laziness but the best way to find solution to the   persisting problems.

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