05 June 2012

9 days Ram Katha

9 days of katha !  “And you try to go to as many as you can?” someone asked me. Yes, I replied.  

It’s very difficult to make people understand ‘why’, about the things which are close to our heart. Especially, when there is no monetary benefit coming out of it. Most of us do not understand the point of “following one’s heart”. Seeing someone actually doing it always brings skepticism and speculations. 

I call it a Big Blessing, to be able to do what I love- travel with  katha.
Camel Caravan In Desert
I state few perceivable rewards below (the incomprehensible ones can't be put in words):-
 A katha rejuvenates me: in the same way as a walk, a spa, a yoga session or a short holiday break works for others. I get the benefit of all the above in one katha. I get to see new places. Sitting for 3-4 hours, squatting down on the floor (in typical Indian style) gives me what a yoga session does to others. Does one stop, after one yoga class or after couple of days of morning walk? No, it becomes a part of life. 
Katha is part of my life now. 

Katha shows me the real India: having grown up in a cosmopolitan city, I would have  never seen places like Hastinapur, Buxar, Gorakhpur, Umreth, besides many others. I certainly take more pride in my own country and culture now. Of course, we need to do lots of improvement. However, that’s another topic.

katha  has taught me tolerance: towards people & situations / conditions. Traveling in the remote corners of India I have learnt to accept varied living conditions. My fussiness has been replaced by gratitude,for the smallest  things. A clean bed and bath is now a reason enough to thank God!

Katha changes the outlook towards life totally: the next job promotion, the  next pay hike, the new car… etc, does not remain the top priority. I feel like a gypsy or a wandering Sadhu, in the caravan of this world. I am learning to cherish each day    as it comes.

In Buddhism, they say - Buddham sharanam gachami…. 
For me its:     Sri Ramchandram sharanam prapadhe; 
                   Sri Ramdutam sharanam prapadhe; 
                 Sri Ramkatha sharanam prapadhe.


Master puts it in a beautiful manner. He quotes a small incidence: 

A vegetable vendor is sprinkling water over his vegetables. When asked about it he replies, “I am sprinkling water to keep my veggies fresh.”
Katha does the same for us- it’s a sprinkle on our being, to keeps us fresh, day after day.

Master also calls it a mirror. Don’t we all look in the mirror from time to time, to see ourselves?
He says katha acts like a mirror. We go to katha, to see if we’re doing fine. Ram Katha is a mirror to look into our own self. 

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