09 June 2012

Art of Listening

                                         Listen with discretion                                             

Master says: The Art of Listening is giving ear to things only worth listening.

It’s a waste of energy and time to listen to everything everybody says.

Remember the famous lines of the Hindi song… people will speak something, which is their job. Do not waste precious moments on futile talks.

A short story:                                                 
A Group of frogs decide to climb the Girnar Mountain. They start their journey. Seeing them, the other frogs are startled. “What do you think you are doing”, they said,” have you ever heard frogs climbing such high peaks. Don’t be ridiculous, come down and forget about it.”

Listening to them, half of the group came down. Others still went on with their expedition.

The on-lookers kept dissuading them, putting wet blanket on each step. This did have an affect, more returned back.

As the climb became tougher, plus the calls from below, saw more frogs give up.

Finally, only one lone frog is left. He went on, slowly but steadily. He did not look back and totally ignored what others were telling him.

Everyone was stunned and silence swept around as the lone frog reaches the Datta peak. He had made history!

He did his circumambulation and his pranam to the Lord and started climbing down.

At the base, many had accumulated to receive him. Journalist and media were also around to capture this sensational news. At the base, he is garlanded and appreciated for the feat he had achieved.
One journalist puts a question, “how come, when all others came back, you didn’t. Why ? Everybody was telling you to give up and return. What were you thinking? ”

The victorious frog giving a naïve smile replied, “I can’t hear with my ears, I’m DEAF”. 
At times, it’s wise to BECOME DEAF…

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