23 June 2012

to be myself

i hate to write under pressure
i declare: I'm not a writer i.e  not a professional ( at least not yet), but i love to write.
although like any other art form, i enjoy audience and appreciation, its a heavy burden.
i suddenly feel multitude of eyes on my words, this includes my family and loved ones.
and believe you in me, that's a lot of pressure; the want and need to
but how can i be right all the time, when I'm still a student! I'm still LEARNING.

Read the following , somewhere-
if you are not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original and beautiful...... 
Hence, decision made- 
I'm ready to make mistakes..., but more importantly, I am under oath to try to create nothing but Beautiful, through my WRITINGS

just like Master says: विश्राम सहजता के बिना कोई नहीं देगा [ Be who you are; be yourself, if you want peace and rest] 

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