19 June 2012


Master says: we have done so many experiments, why not experiment with 'Faith ' for some time!
He believes; Faith is Worship

My Father- a story 
A small boy is sitting by the window seat of the jumbo 777. The flight took off on time, after about an hour the airplane hits the bad weather. Severe turbulence grips the flight. Along with the seat belt signs, the flight attendants tell everyone to take to their respective seats.
Storm Clipart Image: Bad Weather Threatening an Airplane
(image courtesy weatherclipart.net)

The boy, looks out from his window seat, gives a glance around, sees all the commotion and  goes back to playing with his toys. 

There is no worry nor any sign of fear on his face. Its as if he couldn't be bothered!

The man sitting next to the kid sees this peculiar kid who is totally happy with his toys, not bothered about the bad weather condition.

Forty minutes or so later, things get back to normal.

The man can't retain his curiosity," hey kiddo, you put all us adults to shame,how come? weren't you scared at all? ", he finally asked the boy.

The boy smiled," the man who is flying the plane is my father. Why should i be scared. I know he'll take care of things!".

Master: God was aware, the new baby will not have teeth. It was of this reason, the mother's body had already started lactating, as soon as the birth took place.

There is somebody somewhere, who is keeping a watch and taking care. What i need is, have a little FAITH.

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