26 June 2012

Adaptation: a key for Happiness

Its amazing how my body adapts to the weather change around me.
Delhi, where I live reaches 45˚c- 48˚c in summers and 1˚c- 4˚c in winters. In between, the temperature fluctuates according to other seasons: autumn, spring and the monsoons. There are times its dreadful to go out without fully covered with woolens; other times even the mention of word jacket/coat is intolerable. There are days when, winds of spring are the most lovable guests; whereas at times the dry autumn current, baring the trees of all there leaves seems like uncalled for invitee at the doorstep. 

My body adapts to these seasons smoothly without much fuss.
It was just three or four months before when I was having around 4 -5 cups of hot masala tea everyday. Along with it there were interspersed breaks of steaming soups or rasam (Indian soup made of spices). In contrast, in this scorching June, the idea of tea is kept far, almost totally out of mind. Its place has been taken by fruits juices, fresh cold drinks ranging from sugarcane juice, aamras (mango drink) and nibu pani.

However, my mind is not easy to comply with the changes life brings. Unlike my body, my emotions and heart lingers after things long after they are nowhere around. Why do I brood when somebody (relation) or something (job) changes? Is it my attachment to people and things or simply my ego?

It is time for some rational thinking. Something has to go for something new to come. For one, i know through experience that change is the rule of existence. As I accept the changing seasons, I need to accept every other change without much brooding. There is no point fretting over things, which are not in my hand. The body adapts to the new circumstances and moves on. It’s no rocket science! The body knows- by drinking a cold lemon drink in the scorching Sun, it will feel good - so it does that; instead of crying ooh,… why is the Sun was sooo hot? or why its raining non stop? Just a few changes in the eating habit and Wallaha, I am quite equipped to face the next few months of heat.

Master says: “ कबूल करना ही है तो रोते- रोते क्यों, हँसते -हँसते क्यों नहीं 
 If we have to accept & tolerate, then why not do it happily.

By being happy, I'm contributing. If I just as easily take every change in my stride instead of asking why, what, when and how, I would be a much happier person.

If someone were to ask, how would that help the world or the society?
Well, a happy person emits positive vibrations, which have direct effect on the environment around. As simple as that!

Being happy is my contribution for a better world.
If all of us were to be happy, we would make the WWW (whole wide world) happier and much fun to live in.

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