10 October 2013


Sanatana dharma (more famously known as Hinduism ) has always given immense significance to the mother or rather the feminine aspect of Godhood.
Right from the Vedas, the highest authority in Hinduism, the mother aspect is revered. 

The most important mantra in the Vedas is the Gayatri mantra. 

Goddess Gayatri is called the " Veda-Mata" or the Mother of the Vedas.

The worship of the feminine principle of the Universe in the form of motherhood is called for. The Upanishads say -" Matru Devo Bhava...." Let thy mother be thy God.

Manu smriti says, where women are honoured, there the Gods are pleased. Where they are not honoured , there no sacred rite is fruitful. 

Tulsidasji has called Ram Katha as kalika:
                       महामोहु महिषेसु बिसाला I रामकथा कालिका कराला "
                                                                       [Bala-kanda II43II ]
Appalling ignorance is the gigantic demon Mahisasur and Ram katha is the dread Kalika to destroy and slay it.   
It is the primordial cosmic energy which is the Adya Shakti, the creative power. The sages call her simply as ' Devi '. The three main aspects of this creative power are - 
                                    Durga , Lakshmi , Saraswati.  


During the nine days of Navaratri these three aspects of Devi are worshiped systematically.  The first three days are for cleaning up and slaying all that is impure. This includes all the wrong selfish tendencies in ourselves. When Ma has helped us clean our antakarna, then she blesses us. Lakshmi showers good fortune and wealth. During the last three days Saraswati is worshiped. She is the one who helps manifest good, pure and noble qualities in us. 
So in a every organised and methodical way, Ma destroys, nurtures and creates. 


Master says- यह जगत बंधन नहीं , यदि जीना आता हो तो यह जगत जीवंत मोक्ष है   
                 As Ma has created this Universe, this world as her son can't be bad, only if we know how to, Live. 




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