18 October 2013

Changing Times

SignChangingTimes (1)Times are changing fast and so is the matrix in relationships. This includes the whole spectrum- from marriage to religion.
Marriage: Just read about Brad Pitt and Agelina Jolie signing their pre-nuptial agreement which safe guards their individual wealth in case of split in future. This is quite a common feature in the western societies nowadays.  However, such marital agreements are not usual in the Indian subcontinent as yet. But don’t be a surprised if very soon we hear of these things in our good old country too. Can't blame anybody, as the institution of marriage is seeing difficult times. All individuals want to safe guard their interest and rightly so.

Religion: The other such change is seen in the world of religion. I must confess of taking the liberty of adopting the worldview and nomenclature to term 'Sanatan Dharma' as Hindu religion in the narrow sense. 
The word closely connected with religion is, Guru. Unfortunately it has been so abused and misused in today's world, that the very word makes people skeptical. All you get is raised eye brows, frowns and smear at the mere mention of the word, GURU. Ironically, this very word is meant to stand for spirituality, purity and bliss. 
In fact, the change had started to take place way back, somewhere in the medieval period. During Tulsidaji's times, the term SADGURU had to be used to distinguish between the real and fake Guru's. 

Ramcharit Manas, speaks about this in very clear manner.  We see two such deceitful and phony characters, posing as sages and trying to act as Gurus; one in Bal kanda and the other in Lanka kanda.
In the first kanda we see King Pratapbhanu, who is a powerful and well loved ruler. Once, while roaming in the dense forest running after his hunt, the king looses his way. There he saw a heritage where a fraudulent lived acting as a great sage. The king falls in the trap of this Kapat muni, a false anchorite.

               फिरत बिपिन आश्रम एक देखा I तह बस नृपति कपट मुनिबेषा II 
                                                                         [ Bala-Kanda II157II ]

Although wise, Pratapbhanu couldn't see through the evil sage who promised to take complete care of the king. His faith and surrender in this fake Guru finally leads to the fall of not only his kingdom but of his entire clan.

The second example is from Lanka kanda where Kalanemi a demon ally of Ravana, took the deceitful garb of a hermit to misguide Hanumana. 
Tired and fatigued, seeing the beautiful ashram of kalanemi, Hanumana thought of resting there for a while and quenching his thirst. 

             मारुतसुत देखा सुभ आश्रम  I मुनिहि बुझि जल पियै जाइ श्रम II 
             राच्छस कपट बेष तह सोहा I मायापति दुतहि चह मोहा II 
                                                                        [ Lanka-Kanda II56II ]           
Hanumana, the Bhuddhi mataam varishtham, the very embodiement of intelligence, was  of course too smart to be caught in the trap of Kalanemi. Finally, in one twist of his strong tail Mahabir knocks the impostor down.  

Caution: Sadly this is so true in our present times too. The faith of people is being shaken up and for very obvious reasons. It's hard time for upholding the true dharma.  
Logic says, caution is the word and the remedy. Taking the example of Hanumana, its time to slay the demons acting as spiritual and religious guides. And its encouraging to see that happening .    


Master - सद्गुरु सत्य रूपी तप से भरा होता है              
            SadGuru is one who is brimming with penance of truth.


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