02 November 2013

The Super Hero

So, The Super Hero is here.....

Lord Ram is worshiped by millions, not only Indians but many other people from countries of the south-eastern Asia. His stories are told and retold in different format through out the subcontinent. The various Ramayana's may vary but the central figure 'Ram' remains the same - the real Super Hero.

Why is he seen as a Super Hero? 
In a hypothetical situation, lets take him to be a normal man like any other human being. Now, lets talk about his attributes, personality and character. By the end you'll get some idea as to why he can beat any contemporary to prove that the title belongs to him through and through. 

I have quoted chaupai's and doha's from RamCharit Manas, which tell about the various praiseworthy characteristics and qualities of Ram.    
His birth- Ram is born in one of the most famous, renowned clan and he is a Raghuvanshi. His father is king Dasaratha, who even Indra deva is envious of; so in fact he is a protege. 
                   अवधपुरीं रघुकुलमनि राऊ l बेद बिदित तेहि दसरथ नाऊ ll
                                                                                   [ Bla-kanda,ll 187ll ]
                   तिभुवन तीनि काल जग माहीं l भूरि भाग दसरथ सम नाहीं ll            
                                                                                     [Ayodhya Kanda ll1ll ]

In the city of Ayodhya, a jewel of Raghu's race, king Dasaratha lives. In all the three spheres and in all times- none could be as blessed as king Dasaratha.                                                                                  
Having been born in such abundance, Ram is most obedient son. He follows the command of his father/ mother, his Guru and other sages in life. Not once did he question his father when asked to go with Rishi Vishvamitra nor when he was banished to go in exile for 14 years, with no fault of his. He did as he was told, for the benefit of the whole society, well being of the sages and to uphold the dharma of the universe. 

His handsome continence- Ram has the most pleasing appearance, is so good looking and handsome that he could put God of love to shame. Where ever he went , people would just look at him in awe, totally taken back by his beautiful aura.

                             बय किसोर सुषमा सदन स्याम गौर सुख धाम l
                             अंग अंग पर वारिअहि कोटि कोटि सत  काम ll
                                                                                 [ Bala-kanda ll220ll ]
Raja Janak who is known for his Brahma gyan and vairagya, got totally immersed in the rupa of Ram on seeing him.

Hindu God Rama
His courage, might and power were proved soon, when he slayed the demoness Tadaka with a single shaft. He stuck the enemy of hermits, Maricha, with a headless shaft, throwing him miles away. Thus he made the sages and hermits fearless, so that they could continue with their yagnas and penances.
Shiva's bow which ten thousands of kings could not even raise, is held effortlessly by Ram and broken in two halves. 

                               बिनु फर बान राम तेही मारा l सत  जोजन  गा  सागर  पारा ll
                               पावक  सर सुबाहु पुनि मारा l  अनुज निसाचर कटकु सँघारा ll                          
                                                                                          [ Bala-kanda, ll 209 ll ]

His thinking - During the time when the eldest son would get the throne automatically, Ram is very perturbed about his installation, excluding other brothers. His intellect and reasoning did not favor this tradition. 

                              बिमल बंस यहु अनुचित एकू l बंधु बिहाइ बड़ेहि अभिषेकु ll
                                                                                         [ Ayodhya-kanda ll9ll ]                                                                            
He was the one to start the tradition of one wife, breaking away from the pratha where a king was allowed to have more than one wife.

                                एक नारि ब्रत रत सब झारी......।
                                                                        [ Uttar-kanda ll21ll ]

 His personal qualitieswhat ever condition life put him in, there is no complain and bitterness in him. He sees the positive in all situations; He tells Rishi Valmiki that it was the result of his meritorious act that he was able to comply with his fathers commands, install a capable brother like Bharata to the throne and have darshana of the Rishi.                           
                               तात बचन पुनि मातु हित भाइ भरत अस राउ  l
                                मो कहुँ दरस तुम्हार प्रभु सबु मम पुन्य प्रभाउ ll          
                                                                      [ Ayodhya kanda ll125ll ]

During his exile, he lives in a small hut along with Sita and Lakshaman, as Indra dwells in his immortal city along with his family.  

                                रामु लखन सीता सहित सोहत परन निकेत l
                                जिमि बासव बस अमरपुर सची जयंत समेत ll
                                                                      [ Ayodhya kanda ll141ll ]                        

His heart goes to the common man; the tribal community, to Shabari who has been waiting for him as her Guru had predicted. He uplifts Ahalya, who society had condemned and forsaken.

                                वेद बचन मुनि मन  अगम  ते  प्रभु  करुना ऐन  l
                                बचन किरातन्ह के सुनत जिमि पितु बालक बैन ll
                                                                        [ Aydhya kanda,ll 136 ll ]

Ram wants peace; despite being so powerful he wanted to avoid war at all cost. As a last resort he send Angad to Ravana to offer a peaceful settlement and make a last minute compromise. When it failed, he of course had to fight. He killed Ravana; installed Vibhishana on the throne and got back Sita. Coming to Ayodhya, he held Ram Rajya where everybody is happy and content.

                           राम   राज   बैठें  त्रैलोका l  हरषित भए गए सब सोका ll 
                          सब नर करहि परस्पर प्रीती l चलहि स्वधर्म निरत श्रुति नीती ll 
                                                                          [ Uttar kanda,ll 20 ll ]

When Ram is crowned the king, all the three spheres are joyful and all sorrows end. Everybody loves one another; each follow one's prescribed duty, as given in the Vedas.   

This is the most concise and brief outline i have tried to put down here.
Now, say - is it any surprise as to why Ram is called a Super hero by millions ? All are excitedly awaiting Diwali and celebrations have already begun with big gusto !

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