10 October 2012

learning through ƒũŊ

It's the season of good cinema!
Master took the name of the movie Barfi at Manas-Satya, and we all rushed to watch it at the first given opportunity. Then followed OMG (oh my God) and English Vinglish.

Master says, take the good from everywhere and anywhere. Pick the positive & good and leave the rest.  

So i learn the positive from these fantastic,  fabulously made movies...


- love one and all
- be true to yourself
stay happy no matter what
- even if the world is going up side down, smile and light up a smile on others face

Master says - प्रेम के बिना जीवन में पूर्णता नहीं  आती . 
                     [Life gets fulfillment only through love] 


- God exists, whatever name we call him, that's immaterial.
- we need to be God loving not God fearing.
- God wants us to be good human beings. period!
- He is seeing each action of ours

Master says - जो डराये वो धर्म नहीं, अभय करे वो धर्म है .
                    [ Religion should make one fearless not fearful ]  

'English Vinglish' 

- nothing can come close to your own language, even English, the now world language can't.
- respect home makers, respect your elders,  respect your parents.
- often the close family misses to appreciate one's talent and potential
- have confidence in our own self  

Master says - अंग्रेज़ी भाषा बोलो , ठीक  है  पर अंग्रेज़ी मानसिकता मत बनाओ .
                     अपना मूल मत भूलो - माँ, मात्रभाषा और मात्रभूमि को कभी मत भूलो .

                      [ Its fine to speak in English but don't acquire a English mentality. 
                        Remember your roots- Mother, Mother tongue and Mother land.] 

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