18 April 2012

why write-I



why write? often people ask me this, both friends and acquaintances. Believe me, even a person like me, who has learnt not to be affected by what people say, get thinking!
yes, why this effort? whats the point? So much has already been written before me on Bapu's kathas and that too by accomplished personalities. So whats the point  for me to get into this?

Like so many others, i get my answers right from the katha. Following illustrations are from different kathas:

 Why does a flower bloom? For people to admire its beauty or does it have a secret desire that it may be decorated on a damsels hair. Or does it wish to be offered to a deity at a temple. what exactly is the cause?

Master says," a flower blooms only and only for itself. It matters not if anybody admires it or not ; nor if it is praised or compared or ridiculed. It does what it has to...and that is open itself in all its finery.

We all are looking for Peace, we pray for it. In fact all our Mantras end with Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ! 
Master says," in the act of creation (Sarjan)one achieves Peace, Shanti. Through the process of creativity one gains peace of mind. A small seed will get peace and satisfaction only when it grows; when it sprouts out, grows big, gets branches, leaves and finally flowers and fruits. This is creation."

I remember Osho has said somewhere: God is the Creativity. To enter the world of creativity is to enter the world of God.
Immediately the phrase " sabhi sayaane ek mat " comes in my mind. All wise men think alike !

I am reminded of one chaupai of Tulsidasji from the Manas.

                                         Hari Ananta, Hari katha Ananta
                                         Kahiye Sunahiye bahu bidhi Sab Santa.

[ Endless is Hari and there is no end to His kathas and stories. The saints say and listen to them in various forms.]

Writing gives me my peace, a sense of accomplishment and immense joy.

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